# Data Input and Migration

The ZeeBORN Data Migration services cover the range of importing existing data from 3rd party systems into the ZeeBORN solution up to services for transferring data between other 3rd party systems.

Together with the help of the development services available at ZeeBORN, data migration solutions can be set up in a very short time.

Typical scenarios for data migration services:

  • Import of data from other systems (e.g. 3rd party maintenance system to ZeeBORN Planned Maintenance module)
  • Import of documents (available as paper or files) into ZeeBORN Documents module
  • Import of contact data (e.g. from Outlook/Exchange) into ZeeBORN Contact Manager
  • Import of purchasing data into ZeeBORN Purchasing module
  • Import of crew data and crew documents into ZeeBORN Crewing module
  • Import of data from standard databases (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL) or structured files (e.g. Microsoft Excel) into relevant ZeeBORN modules

# ZeeBORN Data Input and Migration Platform

ZeeBORN also provides an open platform for 3rd parties for performing data input and migration services. This service will be provided on ZeeBORN Terminal Servers or on Terminal Servers operated by the user. This service can be used by ship yards, ship management companies and suppliers who provide data input and migration services on behalf of their customers.