# AVECS Tools

While the AVECS company left the market already more than 10 years ago and its solutions don’t get any support anymore, there are still customers who use AVECS solutions today.

ZeeBORN Tools is a collection of tools for applications made by the former AVECS Corporation AG (later INTERSCHALT maritime systems AG). These tools extend the existing functionality of the AVECS programs with features not available in the original programs. The main purpose of these tools is the effective management of data in the AVECS program databases.

All tools and modules delivered by ZeeBORN can be used without changing any parts of the original AVECS software.

# Tools for AVECS TiTAN

  • Data manager for components, spare parts and maintenance jobs: effective handling and updating of huge data amounts on administrator level
  • Data converter for importing data from Excel templates (component data, maintenance job data, spare part data, documents and component graphics)
  • Several reporting tools for maintenance data
  • Additional interfaces to running hour sources (interfaces to automation systems or VDRs)
  • New: Purchase Administrator – direct access to purchase transactions and offload transactions; find and restore missing links between purchase orders and offloads
  • New: Tool for automatically fixing known problems caused by the maintenance software itself or by the AVECS data replication module
  • Migration of existing data to relevant ZeeBORN modules

# Tools for AVECS CrewMaster

  • Several reporting tools for personal data, assignment data and payroll data
  • Converter for importing personnel data from 3rd party sources
  • Migration of existing data to relevant ZeeBORN modules

# Tools for AVECS QDMS (Document Management)

  • New: Database Repair Tool – automatically find and fix errors in the documents database caused by importing documents from sources like Microsoft Word.

# Extensions

  • Extended user management with access right management on role level
  • New: User Access Rights Auditor – provides a graphical overview of all users and their assigned access rights; different types of graphical presentation and export to Excel for further processing
  • Simplified data transfer module: automatic configuration of required settings depending on installed AVECS modules; data will be transferred via integrated clients (e-mail client, FTP client, etc.)

# Options

  • Additional extensions can be made available as plug-ins to the existing software
  • Additional tools can be developed on demand

# Interfaces

Interfaces can be made available within a few days.

  • Interface to human resource databases
  • Interface to travel agencies
  • Interface to accounting systems
  • Interface to automation systems or other sources providing running hours