# Audit & Inspect

The ZeeBORN Audit & Inspect makes it very simple to benchmark your SMS and keep track of all possible audits (e.g. ISM, ISPS) and inspection (PSC, Flag state Inspection, MLC2006, SIRE, etc.).

A substantial tool is developed to assess deficiencies and observations as well as recommendation or non-conformity notes. A workflow between the vessel and the office can be maintained which records immediate corrective and preventive action. An easy risk assessment is included which can also benchmark every deviation to industry standards as OCIMF SIRE, TMSA, ISM Code or others is given. Thus, the vessel operator will get tool which fit the operational challenges to have immediate access to single observations with a comprehensive close out, but also to maintain full records of all kinds of relevant verification visits by own company representatives, authorities and 3rd party inspection.

ZeeBORN stands-by to establish standard statistical reports but anyhow delivers a complex reporting/assessment tool to enable the vessel operator to identify trends by numbers or specific deviations. To alert fleets or specific vessels immediately, data can be shared among each other and assessed on a defined work around.