# Incident Reports

The ISM Code made it very clear: Procedures for the reporting, investigation and close-out of accidents, incidents, non-conformities and near misses must be established.

The primary purpose of such requirements is to promote an increased understanding and awareness of unsafe conditions and to minimize uncontrolled event that may results in an accident or incident. ZeeBORN helps to records deviations in a standardized and easy to follow workflow. Thereby, the vessel operator specific definitions are implemented and linked to the SMS where appropriate. Immediate Risk Assessment and classification to benchmark every deviation to industry standards as OCIMF SIRE, TMSA, ISM Code or others is given.

ZeeBORN stands-by to establish standard statistical reports but anyhow delivers a complex reporting/assessment tool to enable the vessel operator to identify trends by numbers or specific deviations. To alert fleets or specific vessels immediately, data can be shared and assessed on a defined work around.