# Demo Account Request

Please send your demo account request to support@zeeborn.net and include the following details in your request:

  • Name of company
  • Type and size of your company (number of vessels in the fleet)
  • Contact details

Based on these details we will create a customized demo account that closely matches your requirements.

No software installation required
No special hardware required
Test with your own data

Due to the highly optimized data migration tools used at ZeeBORN it is even possible to test our software with your own data.

You can arrange with our support team an upload of your current data and your test account with your own data is usually available within two workdays. This gives you the chance to test our solution with your own well known data but also to verify the painless migration from your current solution to a ZeeBORN solution.

The ZeeBORN data migration tools support all major fleet management solutions but can also easily adapted for migrating data from in-house solutions.

If you want to receive a quotation for our system and services, we will contact you for the necessary details to be known for giving an accurate cost estimate.