# Company

# Who?

ZeeBORN delivers maritime fleet management solutions for small and medium sized shipping companies worldwide. After working for more than 15 years in the maritime business, in 2006 Dana Sill (AIDA Cruises) and Fred Ahrens (AVECS Corporation AG – now Interschalt maritime systems AG) joined their experience, ideas and passion for starting their own company.

Today ZeeBORN is still a small company, but with a worldwide network of partners for software and hardware development, consulting and data processing tasks.

# What?

„Keep it simple” is the basic and most important idea behind all solutions created by ZeeBORN. That’s why the software products developed by ZeeBORN make usually only one third of the whole solution. In addition ZeeBORN provides the service and guidance that is normally missing while many people tend to concentrate on the software only. What about re-using already existing data? Why do you have the same data in different places? What is the desired information flow? How long does it take to get results from the data that you already have stored in huge databases?

ZeeBORN solutions help to concentrate on the areas that require improvements while keeping already working solutions intact. In some cases a new small data interface between two existing systems can be a far better solution than replacing complete systems.

More than 20 years in the field of software development and practical business experience are available to our customers. Together with our partners for hardware development, network solutions and many other business areas ZeeBORN is able to deliver a solution from one single source.

# Who are the ZeeBORN clients?

The ZeeBORN client range starts at one-ship companies and goes up to companies with fleets up to 250 ships. Our solutions are used in the daily operation on board, in the shipping companies and in crewing agencies. A detailed description of the areas where you can find our solutions can be found in the Products section.

# Where?

The privately owned German ZeeBORN GmbH is the head quarter of all ZeeBORN activities and is aimed at the execution of development services by customer request, as well as the development of independent ZeeBORN products. The headquarter is located in Ketzin in the neighborhood of Potsdam and Berlin.