# Costs

All ZeeBORN products and services are offered on a subscription base that includes all necessary software, all future software upgrades and of course support. The subscription fee depends on the number of vessels in your fleet and the ZeeBORN modules to be used. Costs for office licenses and additional training systems are automatically covered with the monthly subscription fee.

Usually the subscription fee also includes the migration of existing data available in 3rd party systems to your new ZeeBORN system.

The only upfront cost to be considered is the cost for database server licenses. But there are special deals available that cover those costs as well via a slightly increased subscription fee.

# Just to give you an idea about costs

If you already have the ZeeBORN system installed, adding the ZeeBORN Dry Docking module to your license costs only 50 EUR/month extra (discounts applicable for fleets with more than 5 vessels). Adding other ZeeBORN modules to your existing systems have similar prices.

# Requesting a quotation

For requesting a quotation, please contact info@zeeborn.net. Your request should include the number of vessels in your fleet and the ZeeBORN modules your are interested in.

Due to obvious reasons, we send quotations only to ship owners, ship operating and ship managing companies.