# Invoice Registration

ZeeBORN Invoice Registration is a system for collecting and managing all incoming invoices from suppliers, service providers, authorities etc.. With this system the customer is able to scan and handle all invoices electronically. Typical work flows can be organized in a considerably more efficient and effective way.

# Main Features

  • Accelerating the registration process
  • Forwarding of relevant data to accounting system – payment status tracking via feedback from accounting system
  • Easier controlling
  • Checking of invoice details against already existing data in the system (contract data, service agreements, contact details, purchase orders created in ZeeBORN Purchasing, service orders created in ZeeBORN Planned Maintenance)
  • Terms of payment and cash discounts can be managed
  • Handling of partial invoices and credit notes
  • Overview about debts and paid invoices

In the ZeeBORN Invoice Registration module you can manage all relevant data of the invoice such as invoice value, discounts, payment terms, invoice date and due date, booking date (relevant for budget control in ZeeBORN Budgeting), supplier name and so on.

An invoice can be assigned to a purchase order generated in the ZeeBORN Purchasing module or to a Master Contract managed in the ZeeBORN Master Contract Module.

The invoice can be assigned to an account and approved or refused. If you approve an invoice the invoice values will be transferred to the ZeeBORN Budgeting module dependent of their assignment to an account. If necessary, the values can also be transferred to an accounting system.