# Contact Manager

The ZeeBORN Contact Manager is one of the basic features available in all ZeeBORN modules. Beside the management of contact data this module allows the management of relations between contacts (e.g. company record and records of company’s employees) plus the collection of sent and incoming documents and e-mails. Schedules and appointments can be managed as well.

# Main Features

  • Contact management
  • Activities tracking
  • Contact details history – track changes in contact details
  • Improved handling of contacts within an organization – see all relevant data and tracking information on organization level or for each individual contact
  • Integrated e-mail client (no other client like Outlook or Lotus Notes is required; interfaces to these systems can be provided on demand)
  • Schedules, tasks and appointment management
  • Document management

# Benefits

  • All contact data in one place (enter once – use everywhere)
  • Consolidation with other existing contact sources
  • Synchronization with mobile devices

# Options

  • Interfaces to 3rd party contact management tools for the consolidation of company’s contact databases
  • Interface to existing e-mail systems

# Interfaces

  • Interface to Outlook/Exchange
  • Interface to QuickBooks

# Additional Services

  • Data migration from existing systems
  • Application hosting via Terminal Server (ZeeBORN data center)

# Screenshots


Contact Details
Contact Details

Communication Details
Communication Details

Activity Tracking
Activity Tracking