# Fleet Management

# Fleet and Vessel Status

  • gives a real-time and instant overview of vital key values of your business
  • access to status details like: budget allocation, critical component status, overdue maintenance, overdue certificates, data replication status, open tasks, time table, audits and inspection with overdue follow up, overdue drill execution, overdue drugs and alcohol tests.

# User Activities

The User Activities screen gives immediate access to status values depending on your role and responsibilities:

  • Unread audits
  • Overdue drill execution and reporting
  • Open drills still to be approved
  • Open tasks and unassigned tasks in Task Tracking module
  • Expired and expiring certificates (site certificates, crew certificates, component certificates)
  • Critical equipment (stock below minimum)
  • Planned drugs & alcohol tests
  • Overdue follow up for reported incidents

# Time Table

  • Plan and track ship’s time table
  • Publish time table data to 3rd parties and separate ZeeBORN Time Table Display
  • Planning of port activities
  • Distribute updates to sites/vessels

# Site Certificates

  • Collect and track the validity of site/vessel certificates
  • Manage copies of certificates in database
  • Distribute updates to sites/vessels