# Task Tracking

The Task Tracking module is used for collecting tasks resulting from identified problems. Sources of these problems can be audits, inspections, bug reporting for software modules etc. The Task Tracking module helps to manage the necessary follow up by assigning responsibilities, priorities and due dates. Follow up reports can be attached to the initial report and allow an easy and convenient progress tracking.

This module has been developed initially for fulfilling the documentation requirements resulting from existing quality standards (ISO 900x, ISO 14000, ISM etc.) but can be finally used in all areas where a good organized reporting, solving and documentation of deficiencies is essential.

# Main Features

  • Deficiency reporting
  • Several views for activities in progress depending on position and responsibilities of the user currently logged in.
  • Follow up reporting
  • Document management (photographs and other document files can be attached to the deficiency reports and follow up reports)
  • Reporting module

# Options

  • Report generator with extended reporting capabilities
  • Interface to ZeeBORN Support for error reporting and for sending change requests

# Interface

  • Interfaces to all other ZeeBORN modules for sending change requests and error reports to ZeeBORN support

# Additional Services

  • Data migration from existing systems
  • Application hosting via Terminal Server (ZeeBORN data center)