# Budgeting

The Budgeting module works closely together with the ZeeBORN Purchasing and ZeeBORN Crewing modules but can also be used as a stand-alone solution. The main purpose of the module is the automatic reconciliation of budget limits and margins with the related data coming from ZeeBORN Purchasing and ZeeBORN Crewing.

# Main Features

  • Manual budget definition or import from external data sources (e.g. accounting system)
  • Reconciliation with data coming from ZeeBORN Purchasing
  • Reconciliation with data coming from ZeeBORN Crewing
  • Manual booking of extra expenses
  • Budget overviews, budget analysis, budget reports
  • New: Detailed analysis of all existing data in a pivot grid – use predefined reports or your own reports for analyzing the existing data in any way you want.
  • New: Automatic provision calculation; different schemes of calculation are supported and can be extended with custom schemes

# Interfaces

  • Interface for ZeeBORN Purchasing
  • Interface for ZeeBORN Crewing
  • Interface for several accounting systems

# Screenshots